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A drawing made during winter break, whilst watching a documentary about the

American Artist Ray Johnson " How to draw a bunny " for the third time.

a sketch for a future painting

Sketchbook: Growing up Asian in Salt Lake City

Sketchbook : Growing up Asian in Salt Lake City part 2

Las Vegas


I think growing up in America as a Korean immigrant, definitely shaped my way of

responding to the world. My father had a job opportunity to work for research in a lab,

so we moved when I was four years old.

At the time I only knew how to say " My name is " and " I like Pink "

Body language was mainly used to communicate with teachers.

It was truly an alienating experience.

I remember there was one teacher who I grew very attached to.

Mrs. Davis. She just hugged me every morning. She would put me on her lap and read me books.

At the time I was also obssessed with the disney movie " The little mermaid"

especially because the main character Ariel is a lively girl with dreams of love and a better world,

She becomes mute in turn of becoming a human and threatened by an evil octopus queen.

6 months in I picked up English, learnt alphabets, etc.

As I aged I felt a horrible pressure on my shoulders to somehow represent my country,

back in the early to mid 2000s, there were a lot of people who didn't even know my country

existed. I was tired of being stared at, or being questioned about my origins.

I just wanted to be treated like a person, not an " ethnic" person.

Often being faced with the end before the beginning ever begun.

Art has always kept me on the line, helped me out of loneliness.

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