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Megumi Park- fictional family history

Mrs. Megumi Park died from cat scratch fever at the age of 47.

Leaving her three kids, two cats, one dog and husband behind.

It was almost comic to watch her go like that-

After everything she survived- one final scratch and it was over.

Her eldest daughter organised the funeral.

She brought Megumi’s record player to the service.

As promised, they hung a picture of Megumi in a bikini as the funeral portrait.

Her youngest Jeremy - who was only twelve at the time

Played saxophone on the stair case with swollen eyes and a runny nose.

Download PDF • 1.17MB

Attached are the correspondences between Megumi and Jeremy beyond time.

It's an idea that started during the last year of my BA, and continued into my practice.

The characters were roughly based on my father and my grandmother who passed away

when he was 19 years old. Although I've never met her, I've still felt her spirits and presence.

And often felt that there was a conversation between them although she was already gone.

Still being written, I intend to incorporate this as a script for a series of films.

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